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What is JustCamming?

JustCamming is a webcam community.

Unlike other cam sites which feature models with whom you must pay to watch. In a cam community it's about watching, being watched and chatting with people just like yourself.


JustCamming is

  • High Quality. Our custom webcam software gives High Frame rates and large screen sizes.
  • Free. There is no charge to watch cams. If you have a cam there is no charge to watch and interact with other cammers.
  • Safe. Enjoy your time without the fear of people pretending to be who they aren't. Our custom webcam software works hard to keep your privacy intact. our word filter blocks stuff you don't like.
  • Friendly. If you have ever cammed on other sites you know you get abuse from unkind people. With JustCamming those people can't post messages! So no abuse. If a member becomes troublesome, they are voted off. thats just one advantage of the custom webcam software.
  • Fun. Its truly fun to interact with different people from all over the world in the safe environment that JustCamming promotes, Earn points and compete in competitions.
  • Sexy. Whether you like being watched or you like watching, Just be your charming Sexy Self, people will love it and love you.
  • An Income. JustCamming provides the opportunity to earn income by just camming! If you have ever been a part of a webcam site you know you have to "perform" to earn. At JustCamming you just have to be yourself, no one expects or demands you do anything you don't want to do.
  • No Spam. Ever been on a webcam site where you are constantly spammed by external forces? Our software prevents this, the people you see are real people not spambots.

JustCamming divides members into three groups...

  1. Cammers. Cammers have a cam. Female Cammers get full access for no charge whatsoever. Male cammers get a reduced frame rate at no charge. All Cammers have the opportunity to earn income.
  2. Chatters. Chatters don't have a cam, they can view cams and chat.
  3. Gawkers. Most basic membership. no need to register just start the software to view cams. Gawkers can upgrade to chatter or cammer status at anytime..
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